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a gem indeed. XD

The Globetrotting Geek

I hadn’t planned on posting today, but when I got this gem in one of my lessons today, I couldn’t resist. How do you know when a student understands what you’re teaching? That’s an obstacle a lot of ALTs – regardless of whether we’re teaching first year elementary students or kids in an academic high school – fight to overcome in the classroom. For me, I know it’s a struggle to tell when my students really grasp a new concept, since I never know if the synchronized “Yes, Alex-sensei”s are actually honest, or if they’re just Pavlovian responses to the question, “Do you understand?”

Thankfully, there are some pretty good signifiers. This week I was teaching my eleventh graders about common body idioms that we use in English. This lesson had an added bonus because whenever the kids had to write their own sentences using the idioms, I got plenty…

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