Getting Started

Wonderful. First time to write a blog I already sound like a manual. Anyways, I thought of a couple of questions I’d like to answer to serve as a guide for me – and to all the darlings who choose to waste their time reading my blog. ;P

Here it goes:

1. What will I write about? As my current tagline says, whatever pops in my crazy mind. Soooooo, I guess that covers school, food, travel, books, and the philosophies I come up with in the shower.

2. Who can read it? Anyone of course! Why I even included this question, I don’t know.

3. What I do I expect here? MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS AND EVENTUALLY WORLD DOMINATION. Nah, I’m kiddin’. I’ll be happy even if just a single person reads my blog. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy reading other people’s blogs though. 😀

4. What can you expect from this blog? Life, thoughts, criticisms, praise, randomness, and occasional stupidity. I’m no superstar or famous blogger or gorgeous model. I’m just a 16 year old homo sapien (NOT homosexual. Read the words first before you come to conclusions! And just to be clear, I do not think that homosexuals are a menace or abominations. I have many gay friends and they’re all awesome. ;D) who needs to get a life. If I happen to spot a live dragon, rest assured I’ll tell you. Unless of course I die of overwhelming joy.

5. How often will I be posting? Sorry, people, but I have no definite schedule. I’ll post whenever I acquire inspiration or my school acquires a merciful heart.

6. Who can read it? Yes, yes, yes, I’m full aware I’ve already discussed this. Just checking if you were paying attention.

7. What are my hobbies? Swimming (including other water sports), playing volleyball, reading, drawing, painting,watching, writing, singing, dancing, listening to music, walking, running, exploring, eating, sleeping. Jack of many trades, master of none.

I could’ve sworn I had more questions than this. I do hope I didn’t bore you-who-is-reading-this. And to whoever decides to read and follow what I have to say in the future, bless you and thanks! 😀

By the way, can any of you great people tell me how to add categories (ah, ignorance. and so it begins)? I’m sure no one would want to rummage though a dozen posts just to find what we’re looking for. Thanks! 🙂

Chocolate and marshmallows for the win. ❤


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