I WANNA REBLOG ALL YOUR WONDERFUL POSTS BUT THERE’S JUST ONE teeny tiny problem. The reblog button refuses to cooperate. The like button works just fine but whenever I click “reblog” the page scrolls up to the top. I’ve tried logging out off wordpress.com, exiting the browser, shutting down my laptop, blowing under it, hitting the side of the screen, and even throw in a word or two. My efforts have been proven futile.

Now, would any of you good people happen to know what the problem is? I’d be very grateful to you if you helped me find the answer. It’s either I really suck at this or there’s something wrong. Either way, I would LOVE to reblog again. All those brilliantly wonderful posts! Goooone! TT^TT

Ah, well. Whether or not I solve this troublesome situation, I hope you all have a merry Christmas! 😀



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