Humans and Their Toys

Alrightey then. I was browsing a couple of posts in Facebook when one of my friends shared a certain video:

*glub* I nearly drowned with this invention’s awesomeness. I mean, seriously, a 3D pen? Draw on a surface or on AIR? You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me. I’m pretty sure we’ve all thought of this at one point in our lives but never really took the time to try out the possibilities – that or you never intended to let that idea come out of the cage which your brain specifically made for “wonderful but impossible” ideas. Brains can be such scumbags at times.

Anyway, these two guys took it upon themselves to make our dream pen for us and for that I’d like to say (though I don’t think they’ll ever see this. Ohohoho.) : “Thank you for your hard work and if possible, please make the price easy on us poor but creative rats.”



Alright, alright. It somehow-sort of-kinda-maybe does work like a glue gun but still. It’s awesome. :))


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