Ohohoho! New theme, new theme, new theme, new theme! Guess who has a new theme? I’m very hyper today. Blame it on the huge chocolate cake I consumed within a minute. Good times, gooooood times.

Anyway, the theme’s name is Koi made by Nick La. I never really liked fishes (personally, I think that a pet who would forget your face within 10 seconds isn’t exactly endearing) but I just love how the word rolls out of my mouth.

Koi koi koi koi koi koi koi. Try it, guys. Koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi.

Alright. You guys can go back to living your lives now.



The picture above isn’t mine (I wish it were, though). It’s by an artist named Norman Duenas, I think. I just thought it’d be nice to add a picture of said fish. :>


Man in the Cube

Shaking, she held the paper in her hand

Raging, she tore the printed sheet in two

Swearing, distraction as her old enemy

Moving, more quickly than ever for she had work to do


Determined, she set off to work on her desk

Frustrated, the 7’s dancing in her mind

Hopeful, the book’s pages sighed as she flipped past

Struggling, the cubic temptation in front was never kind


Weakened, the screen held her gaze for too long

Passive, she let her hands slip from knowledge

Forgetful, the teacher’ll be waiting on his desk

Unaware, the hourglass’s thin sands against her oath and pledge


Surprised, she only had little time left

Panicked, she read her way through the deep night

Exhausted, she fell on the bed yet to finish

Restless, dreams about the incomplete work kept it in sight


Nervous, she dragged herself along the halls

Hesitant, one foot in front of the other

Frightened, saw the teacher standing by the desk

Hopeless, sat on her chair, test no longer a bother


Empty, she had answered all that she could

Impatient, the wait was longer than she thought

Mistaken, come the next day it was given then

Numb, verdict had been delivered, her work all for naught


Enraged, remembered the man in the cube

In love, his perfection flashed in her thought

Bitter, his skills on the screen that had trapped her

Surrendering, knowing his very being was all that she sought


Expecting, she went to collect what should be

Dreading, it was her turn to receive it

Hoping, it isn’t as bad as she expects

Failing, the 7’s on the card did make her want to sit


Shaking, she held the paper in her hand.



Dedicated to all the fangirls out there whose husbands are the reason as to why our grades plummet from the sky. :))

Challenge Accepted.

Exploring the blogs of the wonderful people here in, I stumbled on this little jewel:

Poetry challenge 10 words for Christmas, feel free to partake.

After reading it, I though, “Hey, why not?” Here’s my version. ๐Ÿ™‚

The 10 words:












The Star’s Princess

She saw the spruce was hung

The scarlet sky consumed by night

She drew her knees closer

Her breath colder than ice


Then came the silver carried by the mother

The scent of cinnamon chasing after her

Snowflakes dancing about

But her eyes shone more than the wares


A cheer bubbled up from the room

Sparkling wine passed from love to love

Her face was undaunted

A candle staying lit


The ornaments twinkled

The ribbonsย entwined

All a feast for her eyes

Yet chaff nonetheless


The sight from the window was to be a sight to behold

For the lonely figure under the tree

But her eyes were on the heavens

On a star that shone as bright as it did


Two thousand years ago.



And there you have it. Hey, you guys might wanna try this, too! It’s loads of fun. :>

Feel free to put in your comments, suggestments, insightments, and all that jazz-ments. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Have a Merry Christmas everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€


(I’d like to thank Google Images and whoever should be credited for the picture above. XD)