Splash of Colour

Splash of Colour


My lack of practice shows but I’m just glad I found the time to paint again! XD The girl is modeled after the Filipino actress Julia Montes. I tried drawing her out of memory but I don’t think I was able to capture her face correctly (the proportions and angles are WAY off). Teehee. Oh well.

I had fun flicking my brush though. ❤



Petunia Violet

Petunia Violet

Whoopteedoo! Here’s my first ever digital art. It’s my own take on Petunia Violet from the awesome webcomic “Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet”. For those of you who are open-minded and currently bored, you just might enjoy this very entertaining comic. :>


Under the Sea

Under the Sea

I looooove mermaids~
Which basically explains why I drew another one. XD Oh and gradients are now my new best friends. ❤


“Goldfish Salvation” – 3D Painting

As you may have noticed, I’m still a bit hungover with my Koi Theme. (Koi koi koi koi koi koi koi)

That aside, let me take this opportunity to (Koi) say just how EPIC this Riusuke Fukahori guy is (Koi Koi)! I don’t know about you guys (Koi koi koi), but my jaw literally dropped while I was watching this.

Enjoy! 😀





Ohohoho! New theme, new theme, new theme, new theme! Guess who has a new theme? I’m very hyper today. Blame it on the huge chocolate cake I consumed within a minute. Good times, gooooood times.

Anyway, the theme’s name is Koi made by Nick La. I never really liked fishes (personally, I think that a pet who would forget your face within 10 seconds isn’t exactly endearing) but I just love how the word rolls out of my mouth.

Koi koi koi koi koi koi koi. Try it, guys. Koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi koi.

Alright. You guys can go back to living your lives now.



The picture above isn’t mine (I wish it were, though). It’s by an artist named Norman Duenas, I think. I just thought it’d be nice to add a picture of said fish. :>


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